The village of Phakding is located right in between Lukla and Namche. It is located approximately 7 km further from Lukla and around 8 km before Namche. This village falls under the ChouriKharka Village Development Committee (VDC) of Solu-Khumbu district, which is also the main gateway to the Everest region. Phakding has a high density of people, as this is the main trial to the whole Everest region. Trekkers spend their first night in Phakding as it’s a part of their trek and it also helps in the acclimatization process. Phakding consists of sub-villages like TokTok, Jamphute, Nombuwa-Teng, Rimijung, Gumela, Chermading, Ghat, Lhowa, Sengma, Benkar, Monjo, Chumo and Jorsale. The nearest hospital from here is either Pasang Lhamu Nicki Nicole Hospital in Lukla or Hillary Hospital in Khunde both, which takes a minimum 3 hours of walk to reach. Just to get a basic treatment or medication is difficult in this area.

After examining the harsh conditions and the difficulties in getting a basic treatment in Phakding, Himalayan Sherpa Foundation (HSF) has taken the initiative in establishing a health post with the view of starting a Hospital in the long term on August 15th 2015. HSF has hired one experienced nurse name Ms. AngSarki Sherpa who can work there for the health post as per the motive idea of HSF. The health post’s objective is to provide basic check-up services as well as be able to treat certain emergency cases for both the locals and tourists for the region of Phakding. After hearing many stories of difficulties to receive a proper medication in Phakding, the idea of a health post is not only beneficial but it is a must in this region.

Now the local people of this area has a big request for the hospital there as the demand is quite a big there. The clinic we have set up there is quite busy in checking the normal sickness and distributing the medicines. We have distributed all the medicine for free so far as we have got nearly 80 percent of the medicine donated by Mr. Claus Konschak who was working for an organization “Action Medeor” of Germany. The remaining 20 percent of medicine have been purchased in Kathmadu and sent them to the clinic.




The pictures displayed above are the medicines and medicinal tools donated by Mr. Claus Konschak which was assisted by the HSF Vice President Mr. Mingma Wongchu Sherpa.


The April 25th (2015) earthquake and the frequent aftershocks have left the whole nation devastated. This tragic incident has caused casualties in thousands of numbers. After carefully assessing and examining this disaster, we came to the conclusion that many lives could have been saved had there been proper medical services available. Phakding is one of several villages where we heard of many tragic stories. Because of the difficulty in getting even a basic medical treatment here, many people had suffered badly by the event of the earthquake. After evaluating the types of injuries, we came to the conclusion that most of the injuries were not that severe and were such that could have been cured – if treated on time. This catastrophe has caused a great deal of interest in the development of the nation. This has been a learning curve for everyone especially the government sector. How will the Government of Nepal utilize the relief funds is yet to see, but we, Himalayan Sherpa Foundation has taken a decision to start construction of hospital in Phakding. HSF has plan to strive on providing helping hands and trying to make a difference in someone’s lives here. Our decision of establishing a hospital here came from this incident and we have strong commitment to move on.

Himalayan Sherpa Foundation has already prepared the architect design of the hospital buildings and is on the process to finalize the architect design with its donors Mr. Matthias Baumann, the chairman of Sherpa Nepalhilfe in Germany. Once the design is approved, the process of getting the approval from the Health Ministry will be commenced. Sherpa Nepalhilfe is one of the most important NGO in Germany for Sherpa people of Khumbu and Nepal as Mr. Matthias has done so much for the improvement of Sherpa’s living standard. He has also helped many Sherpa young students who have lost their parents in mountaineering expedition for higher education in Kathmandu. We are really grateful to meet Mr. Matthias Baumann, the chairman of Sherpa Nepalhilfe, through Mr. Michael Hoestle, the chairman of Nepal Project in Biberach, Germany. HSF is also thankful to Mr. Michael Hoestle for bringing us to Mr. Matthias Baumann to make the hospital project successful. Mr. Michael Hoestle is also well known personalities for the construction of school and providing education to the poor children in KavrePalanchok district near Kathmandu.

The architect design HSF prepared is listed below.

Total 3 buildings with the following room numbers:
-5 bedded hospital with inpatient department (IPD)
-1 Doctor permanent and maybe other volunteer doctors can come in between
-1 Health assistant
-2 Nurses
-2 Assistant in the hospital


– X-ray digital one so that we can send the reports by mail to other concerned hospitals in Kathmandu directly.
– Full lab set (blood, urine, etc.)
– Sterilizing machines
– Child delivery
– Minor operation services

2 buildings for following services:
-1st building for hospital block:
-1 Administrative room
-1 Doctor’s room
-1 Check up room
-1 Lab room
-3 Bed rooms for 5 bed
-1 Observation room with 2 bed
-1 Reception room
-1 Pharmacy room
-1 Sterilizing room
-1 Minor operation theater room
-1 Store

3rd building for residential block:
-1 room for doctor
-2 rooms for nurse and health assistant
-2 rooms for the assistant
-1 room for cafeteria
-1 room for dining
-1 room for kitchen
-1 room for store

The estimated cost of the building would be around Euro 515,000 for 3 buildings with all the rooms and services as mentioned above including the cost of the land as well as the operational cost for the first one year. The management committee of the hospital plans to use cement, iron rod, aluminum and solid materials to build strong buildings that can resist up to 9.0 magnitude of earthquake. The management committee is focusing on a strong resilient building and a safe land to build the hospital. After completing the construction of the hospital, HSF will form a user committee for the hospital using the group of local people and from the foundation as well.

The Hospital reconstructions plans are as below:

• Plan to purchase the land within the year of 2016 June.
• The land will be purchased and registered in the name of the hospital.
• The design of the building has to be approved by the Village Development Committee of Chouri Kharka and the Health Department of Health Ministry, Solu-Khumbu district and it is on the process.
• The buildings are designed to withstand an earthquake of up to 9.0 magnitude.
• HSF will build 3 buildings with all the acquired rooms in each of the building.
• The construction committee formed will take the responsibility of construction of both 3 buildings and we HSF will check the quality of the construction during the construction period.
• HSF will send the money to the hospital management committee by bank transfer. No cash payment will be used during the entire project.

Sherpa Nepalhilfe is an INGO from Germany. The Chairman of this organization, Mr. Matthias Baumann, is the main financial supporter to run this project.

The new plan of Himalayan Sherpa Hospital