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Himalayan Sherpa Foundation (HSF)

Himalayan Sherpa Foundation is a non-profit organization formed in the year 2013. The idea was an initiation from the managing director of Himalayan Sherpa Adventure to use 5 percent of its profit in the development of Khumbu region. The main reasons to form this foundation is to provide better education to the people in Khumbu, protect the environment in the mountainous region, and to protect its heritage sites, culture and religion.

Quickly after the devastating earthquake took place on 25th of April 2015,the Chairman of Himalayan Sherpa Foundation, Mr. Phurba Gyaltsen Sherpa, frequently paid visits to Khumbu and he witnessed many destructions of houses, schools, monasteries, hospitals and other important infrastructures. Realizing the importance of such infrastructures of the region, he has selected several most important infrastructures that had to be reconstructed as soon as possible to bring back the harmony to the society. Due to the heavy damages on such infrastructure, the local Sherpas of Khumbu were very saddened at the beginning. Since the houses, school, hospital and the monasteries where the Sherpa people practiced their regular ritual ceremonies had collapsed, the Sherpas believed that they lost everything. Children in the Khumbu region were not able to attain further education due to the destructions caused in the school buildings. Additionally, the management of the hospital and the clinic were not sure if they could operate the hospital or the clinic like before.

Our Chairman, Mr. Phurba Gyaltsen Sherpa, visited Khumbu, inspected the ground situation and also collected the data of the devastations. Mr. Sherpa has brought the report of the devastated ground situation and the data to the meetings of this foundation.

The meeting has decided to operate the program as mentioned below:

1. Immediate Relief Program – To provide the immediate relief program
2. Short Term Projects – To provide supports to the people for short term
3. Long Term Projects – To support some of the institutions by rebuilding the projects
4. Future Plan – To build some important projects to protect from the possible future collapses

Himalayan Sherpa Foundation has allocated One Million Rupees in the name of above operating programs: Immediate Relief Projects, Short Term Projects and Long Term Projects in Solu-Khumbu, Kathmandu and Kavre, Palanchok. We are currently focusing on the Long Term Projects which is to “Reconstruct and Rehabilitate” the daily lives in the affected zones as the immediate relief program above district have been concluded and similarly the short term programs are also completed.

The Board of this organization would like to thank all the members who has participated in organizing the immediate relief program and the short term projects. They also thanked all the concerned personalities for their valuable supports to make the immediate relief and short term projects a success.

The meeting has also decided to lead the role in initiating the programs taking place under the leadership of Himalayan Sherpa Foundation and also take a strong lead for the program Himalayan Sherpa Foundation is launching. The same meeting has decided to appeal all the concerned authorities, individual personalities and organization to join the hand with Himalayan Sherpa Foundation to complete the project initiated and run by this Foundation.

Legal documents of Himalayan Sherpa Foundation