On our way to Phuyal village, we discovered a small village called Nakhandol, which contained a community of 65 families. This was another poor community with the locals having nothing left after the devastating earthquake. The houses were very old and fragile so the earthquake left a destructive mark here. This place was not safe for the locals to stay anymore, so they were all residing in a big tarpaulin together. They had to share this tarpaulin with the rest of the community. They even had a common mealtime as everyone gathered for the meal at 6 pm. Nakhandol received very little if any relief support from the government.



With the help of our friend Mr. Claus from Germany, we were able to provide the following materials to the village of Nakhandol:

-60 sacks of rice
-70 mosquito nets
-20 sacks of lentil
-15 packs of cooking oil
-Stationary items to the children’s
-Sanitary items for both men and women

Himalayan Sherpa Foundation is very thankful towards Mr. Claus and his friends for their valuable contribution.

The local school buildings were all destroyed by the earthquake. So after assessing the place, we found that most children were unable to go to their school. We then decided to establish a Learning Center for the local kids until their school got reconstructed so that they could continue their education without further hassle. We sponsored a local teacher, Ms. Yonsho Dawa Sherpa,with one year’s salary, for which in return she will be teaching the local students for 12 months in the learning center. HSF is really keen on continuing our support to the teacher, the local kids and the learning center. Education is a must, priority and a right to everyone and HSF truly believes in educating the youths for the better future of theirs and the nation. We will regularly keep update on this learning center so please keep an eye on this.