The Chairman of the foundation was in the Everest region for the collection of the data’s during his visit where the earthquake during April 25th, 2015 destroyed Pema Choling Monastery in Gumela. The monastery is the center for all the Sherpas between Surke(below Lukla) and Jorsalle (below Namche) for all kind of ritual ceremonies they practice. It is also used by all Sherpas of the region as a community hall for all kind of meetings and functions organized by the youths and other group of people. The elderly people also use this monastery as a center for learning languages and culture. The youth group makes use of the monastery to practice Sherpa cultural songs and dances. The Sherpa people carry out their usual ceremonies in monastery regularly as they strongly believe in Buddhism. Many monks live in the monastery and practice their prayers every day.

We met Mr. Phuyal, who is a police sub-inspector in Lukla,who had requested support for his village town which is Phuyal village. He told Mr. Sherpa about the destruction that took place by the earthquake and the hard time his villagers were facing. Then, Mr. Sherpa informed our committee meeting about this issue and we decided to pay a visit to Phuyal village to inspect the ground situation there too.

Below are some pictures of the destroyed houses in Phuyal Village:




During our visit, we found that Phuyal Village is a small community lying on the outskirts of Kathmandu valley. The village had a community of 94 families and very little efforts had reached there considering the damage that had been caused by the earthquake. The houses were all torn apart, so the locals were using tarpaulin as their roofs or just using tarpaulins to sleep under. All the houses were completely destroyed and no one was able to use the same house again. The villagers were living in a very miserable way and all of them were very upset and frustrated because they had lost everything. This village lies just about 20 km away from the center of Kathmandu city but with no signs of help, they had to take care of themselves with very limited resources. We felt really bad that the people living so close to the center city had to live in such miserable manner.

We immediately purchased the following materials for the immediate relief and distributed them on post:

-100 sacks of rice
-184 mosquito nets
-40 sacks of lentil
-40 packs of cooking oil
-Stationary items for the children
-Sanitary items for both men and women
-Medicine to help prevent or cure any kinds of diseases due to the earthquake

All the team members of Himalayan Sherpa Foundation (HSF), including our friend from Germany Mr. Claus, were there to distribute the immediate relief materials. The team of Himalayan Sherpa Foundation have purchased all the relief materials from the market and loaded it on HSF’s van to transport it in the area where the distribution program was taken place. All the materials were personally given to each member of the family. The people there were very thankful towards us for our effort in distributing the immediate relief materials.

Pictures of the HSF team members distributing the relief goods: