After the earthquake that took place on April 25, many villages of Nepal were in ruins. We, Himalayan Sherpa Foundation, were continuously working on helping those in need in the earthquake affected zones, whilst all of our members were suffering from this disaster too. Nevertheless, our team members were fully committed to the cause of helping the ones who were in grief after this tragic event.

For this project, we have chosen Shree Golmadevi Secondary School in Helambu, Sindhupalchok. We first heard about this school from one of our guide, Mr. Phur Dorje Lama, who is a native of Helambu and also an alumnus from this school. The earthquake had left a big impact on this school, thus leaving it to ruins and causing a disturbance to the students in their pursuit of education. The school had 275 students before the devastation took place and now only 150 students are able to attend. The buildings that the school had been using for so many years were brought down to the ground including the school dorms where more than 100 students used to stay. Everything they had was fully destroyed by the earthquake.

Shree Golmadevi Secondary School was the only school in the entire Helambu village. Along with the school, the local homes were also severely damaged.The locals were busy in rebuilding their own houses first, which made the students unable to attend their school. With the help of Mr. Phur Dorje, we were able to get proper insight of the area and the extent of damage here in the school. After consulting with him, we found out that the students were currently learning in a Temporary Learning Center (TLC), which was built with a roof on top and were also in lack of proper learning materials.

After a week, the team members of HSF along with Mr. Phur Dorje Lama went to distribute relief materials to Shree Golmadevi Secondary School. The team led by Phu Dorji has distributed all the 275 students with stationary items such as Pens, Books, and School bags. The team also distributed the students with raincoats as the monsoon season was soon approaching. Together, the team was able to distribute sanitary items to all the students and made sure that they remember to remain more hygienic in such tough times. The students were full of beams after our distribution program concluded. They thanked our team a lot and smiles that we saw after the relief project was an unforgettable moment for all of us present there and we do not want the smile to fade away as the days pass by. We are working on collecting as many help as we can within our reach. Daily goods are not only the factors that will help them; we are also working on re-building the school so that they can get a proper place to study. Perhaps this may not be the greatest help that could be provided in such a destructed village, but our small contribution can help student achieve a bright future.