The devastating earthquake of 25th April, 2015 destroyed the Tekhongma monastery in Thulo Gumela 5, Chouri Kharka Village Development Committee (VDC). The monastery was built by 3 Rimpoche brothers; SangeyRimpoche, ThataRimpoche and Natrul Rimpoche. The 3 Rimpoche have been the main lama for the Dharma practice in Chouri Kharka VDC for many years. The Sherpas between Surke below Lukla and Jorsalle below Namche enjoy and partake in all kind of ritual ceremonies they practice in this monastery. After the severe damages brought to the monastery, the Rimpoche could not live in this monastery and the people have ever since been very worried regarding the Rimpoches’ residence now. There are also several monks living in this monastery practicing the Dharma and serving the local people around but as they do not have a place to live in, they take most of their time to think on how to rebuild this monastery.

After long discussion, they came to us and we have assured them to rebuild the monastery in former size and design. We have already started to prepare the architect design with the help of our engineer, Saurav Shrestha. Our chairman, Mr. Phurba Gyaltsen Sherpa, has already given the amount of Rs. 10,00,000 to the construction committee formed for the reconstruction of the monastery. This money was collected by Mr. Sherpa from his friends’ circle living in Kathmandu in the name of continuing the Dumjee Festival for the long run. But the committee of the Dumjee fund has decided to give the amount of Rs. 10, 00,000 for the reconstruction of Tekhongma monastery.

Moreover, our chairman has already guaranteed some amount from some other sources and assured the reconstruction committee to collect needed fund for the reconstruction of the monastery on time. The reconstruction committee is now committed to rebuild the monastery after the meeting with Mr. Sherpa.

The design and the financial details will be given shortly.