Reconstruction of the Janasewa Lower Secondary School in Gumela

Stone lay out program taken place on May 23rd, 2016
Targeted Date of Completion: December, 2016



On May 23rd2016, Chairman of Himalayan Sherpa Foundation Mr. Phurba G Sherpa has invited the International Chairperson and the founder of Everest Future Foundation Mrs. Wang Jing at the school reconstruction site to lay the stone to start the reconstruction of the school in Gumela 5, Chouri Kharka in Mt. Everest region.  The reconstruction committee has organized the Stone Lay Out program to officially begin the construction of school in the new designated land. The special program to lay the stone to start the reconstruction of the school was scheduled on 23rd of May as this was the day Mrs. Wang Jing the International Chairperson of Everest Future Foundation made a successful summit on the top of Mt. Everest.



The program began with the monks holding a prayer ceremony dedicated towards peace and prosperity for the students and villagers of Gumela as well as for the success of the school. This is a very common Buddhist ritual practice performed by the monks in every inauguration occasion. After the prayer ceremony, the Chairman of Himalayan Sherpa Foundation Mr. Phurba Sherpa and the International Chairperson ofEverest Future Foundation Ms Wang Jing together concluded the praying ceremony by laying out the stone foundation in the new school land. The construction of the new school has officially begun since then.


Soon after the praying ceremony, there was a formal program led by the students of Jana Sewa Secondary School in Gumela as an appreciation towards the donors. The local Sherpas, the students and the school management committee as well as the reconstruction committee have welcomed the President of Himalayan Sherpa Foundation Mr. Phurba Gyaltsen Sherpa, the International Chairperson of Everest Future Foundation Mrs.Wang Jing and the treasurer of Everest Future Foundation Mr. Kalayan Raj Sharma in a program organized by the locals in former School premise. All the students and the locals have greeted all above 3 personalities by offering khatas and put them on desk to chair the program. In this program, the Mahila Samuha (Women Empowerment Organization), the students, School Reconstruction Committee Members and all the faculty members of Gumela School have presented cultural program.


During this program, the students of Gumela presented various performances in front of all the villagers and the respected guests. The performances that were held during this program were Sherpa cultural songs and dances, alongside with an appreciation speech by the students. The Chairman of HSF, alongside with the Treasurer were among the note speakers who shared their experience and journey throughout initiating and planning of the reconstruction of School. Finally, the International Chairperson of Everest Future Foundation, Ms Wang Jing, expressed her gratitude towards the people of Khumbu and also thanked everyone who participated and helped the organization reach to the platform where they could conduct the reconstruction program. The people from all different communes vigorously participated at the ceremony and the formal celebration program to celebrate such an auspicious day. In the end, the Sherpa community performed a big Sherpa dance, well known as Shebru, to rejoice and commemorate the fortunate day for the people of Gumela and Khumbu. The Himalayan Sherpa Foundation is heartened and grateful to all the partakers for their enthusiasm and effective involvement in the program. The community would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all the supporters, funders and volunteers to make this event an ambitious success.